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Product Review – Ledbetter Inc. Strength Tight


After being a fan of Ledbetter Inc. for a long time, I finally decided to buy some of their Workout Leggings to add to my quickly growing collection (you can never have too many).

I first purchased their Ponderosa Pine Movement Tight.

A few months later I purchased the Fall Rain Strength Tight. Below is a review of the Fall Rain Strength Tights.


First of all, these tights are great quality. They are comfortable against the skin. The fabric is 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex Jersey.

Second, these tights fit in all the right places and stay put. They are high on the waist and stay secure; you don’t have to hike them up during the course of your workout.

Third, they are CUTE! I love the pattern. Plus: there is a matching bra! I have not purchased the bra.


The only con I can think of is that the fabric does attract lint, so the black can easily become a little “dirty”, but it’s nothing a lint roller can’t fix.

Score: 9/10

Go get some of these tights right now!

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