About Me


My name is Courtney.

I am a wife, tech support nerd, and food & fitness lover.

I am originally from Tennessee, but currently live in the beautiful state of Colorado, which I immediately fell in love with and hope to never leave. I love to hike, cook, lift weights, watch golf,  journal, create recipes, go on walks, get dressed up, and, sometimes, do absolutely nothing and binge watch Netflix with my husband.

I started exercising consistently about three years ago. Through tracking my calories and doing cardio (mainly running), I dropped about 20 pounds. I then started researching Flexible Dieting/IIFYM and Weight Lifting and decided I wanted to make this more of a priority because of the ability it gives you to actually build muscle and transform your body to look strong! Now, I like to combine tracking macros with lifting heavy weights to achieve my fitness goals; running is now a rare thing for me. Give me some dumbbells!

I love the results of weight lifting: not only looking stronger, but actually BEING stronger and seeing my body be capable of things that I didn’t think it could do! It’s so empowering.

In conjunction with fitness and tracking macros, I also like to come up with foods and recipes that not only fit my macros, but also look pretty and taste good. And sometimes, I make recipes that are not macro friendly at all, because good food is good for the soul.

I love Jesus. Without his Grace, I am nothing. I hope that my life is a reflection of His never ending love for me.

All of these things will be discussed here in my blog. I hope that you are able to find something here that is helpful and encouraging to you.

Have a lovely day!