Lemonzest Luna Bar

190 Calories – 26g Carbs, 6g Fat, 8g Protein, 9g Sugar

Lemonzest Luna Bar – Review

Luna Bars were on sale at Kroger for a dollar each, so I grabbed a couple! I love lemon flavored things so I was excited about this one the most.

The flavor is great! As somebody that loves all things Lemon Flavored, this has the perfect amount.

It does not taste chalky or heavy. It has more of a chewy granola Bar feel, which makes sense since it is defined as a “Whole Nutrition Bar”, not a Protein Bar. I would compare it to a Quaker Chewy Yogurt Granola Bar (150 Cal 25C 4F 2P 11gSugar).

As you can see, you’re going to get much more protein with the Luna Bar than the Quaker Bar, very similar Carbs and Fat for each, and less sugar.

It’s a tasty snack, but wouldn’t expect it to really fill me up for a long amount of time.

I would give this 8.5/10!

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